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Sauteed Bitter Gourd with Black Bean Paste 五香豆豉焗苦瓜

For 1-2 persons



Bitter Gourd/Melon 1 pc (300g)

Chopped Garlic 1 tsp

Koon Chun Salted Black Bean 1 tbsp

Cooking wine a dash

Water 2 tbsp

Oil 1 tbsp


苦瓜 1個 (約300克)

蒜茸 1茶匙

冠珍五香豆豉 1湯匙

料酒 少許

水 2湯匙



1. Pare only the skin of the bitter gourd into tablespoon size pieces.

2. Heat up the oil in the wok under medium heat and stir fry the chopped garlic until it sizzles, put in bitter gourd chunks, and toss lightly. Add special black bean paste to the top of the bitter gourd. Do not stir.

3. Add water along the side of the wok, cover and simmer for two minutes. Open the cover and sprinkle wine alone the side.

4. Quickly toss the ingredients until the all the water is evaporated.


1. 苦瓜用削刀法把瓜外層肉削下,每 一塊約湯匙大小,削完瓜肉後的瓜囊 不要。削刀法是左手凌空手持材料, 不用砧板,右手拿刀,一片一片向外 批削。

2. 用油以中火爆香蒜茸,再把瓜塊輕 輕炒幾下,在瓜面上放上冠珍五香豆 豉,不要翻動。

3. 沿鑊邊灑水,蓋上鑊蓋,轉中小火 焗2分鐘,開蓋灑少許料酒。

4. 把瓜塊與五香豆豉兜勻,炒至水乾 上碟。

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