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Rum Glazed Chicken Wings 酒香燒汁雞翼

For 2-4 persons



Chicken Wings 8-12 pcs

Koon Chun Thin Soy 80ml

Sauce Rum 80ml

Brown Sugar 70g

Toasted Sesame Seeds small amount

Hot Water 2 tablespoon


雞翼 8-12隻

冠珍生晒頭抽 80毫升

朗姆酒 80毫升

蔗糖 70克

芝麻 少量

滾水 2湯匙


1. Mix defrozen chicken wings with Koon Chun Thin Soy Sauce, 50ml rum & sugar. Marinate in fridge for 1-2 hours.

2. Heat pan to medium high heat. Reserve the marinate in a bowl and pan sear each side of the chicken wings for 1 minute.

3. Add in the marinate and hot water. Reduce heat to medium after a few minutes and let the sauce thickens. Turn off the heat, mix in the remaining rum and garnish with sesame seeds. Ready to serve.


8-12隻 80毫升 80毫升 70克 少量 2湯匙

1.將洗淨的雞翼加入冠珍生晒頭抽、 50毫升朗姆酒及糖並放入冰箱(雪櫃) 醃製1-2小時。

2.中高火把平底鍋預熱,將醃製好的 雞翼平鋪在鍋上(醃料備用),雞翼每面 煎1分鐘。

3.加入醃料和適量熱水拌炒1分鐘, 中火收汁,直至燒汁變濃稠。關火後 加入剩餘的朗姆酒。取出後撒上芝麻 即成。

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